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​About Wendy King

Wendy is a recognized planning and productivity expert and speaker.  
She has dealt successfully with a broad range of business challenges.  Her programs are specialized to meet your planning and productivity improvement needs and concerns.

With extensive experience in planning and productivity improvement and in-depth knowledge of the issues, Wendy will provide you with individualized, actionable plans you can implement quickly and easily.


Wendy led teams that successfully developed plans and addressed a variety of business challenges including improving the  financial position, managing change, and doing more with less.  She had developed a proprietary approach that includes tips, tools, and solutions that improve productivity and performance. 


Wendy has served as Associate Vice President for Administration, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Associate Dean, and Executive Director of Facilities for multi-million dollar healthcare, research, and higher-educational organizations.  She is a seasoned executive. Her areas of responsibility included; Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Human Resources, and Facilities.  She applies her real-life experience and ability to your situation.

Education and Certification

With a Masters in Healthcare Administration, productivity recognition and a proven track record – Wendy provides you with the tools and methods needed to achieve your goals. She delivers interactive, motivational, thought-provoking, and content-rich programs that focus on your planning and productivity improvement needs.