“If you want to get real-life, practical, and easy-to understand solutions to improve the planning and productivity in your company or organization, Wendy King is your best choice. She not only has the background and experience as a successful C-Suite Executive, she is also an engaging and thought provoking speaker with plenty of content-rich information that can be used immediately.”

–Arnold Sanow, Author of “Present with Power, Punch and Pizzazz”

“Wendy’s insights were honed over years of experience of executive leadership in the trenches. Her advice is grounded in a hard-earned understanding of how challenging it is to implement change in the real world. She has expertise and is a delightful partner too!” 

- Judy Abbett, Corporate Marketing Communications Expert

E-mail: wendyking@planproduce.com

Phone: (304) 282-6916

“I love that "Avoid the Pitfalls" is a no nonsense guide with real life practical ideas that can be used immediately. I am going to recommend it to all my clients in this area.”​

- Arnold Sanow, Avoid the Pitfalls book review

“ (Wendy), you are a fantastic speaker, and I think your many experiences will help other overcome the many obstacles managers face each and every day”

- Marcia DeMarco, Chief Business Affairs Officer

“Wendy L. King understands the industry and is an expert in the field of project management and productivity. She really sets herself apart with her personal experiences taking you through an insider perspective. The book is also gorgeous with its clean design and wonderful illustrations.”

– Alexander Glac, Avoid the Pitfalls book review

“Wendy King was absolutely wonderful,” said Anna Mitchell, Assistant City Manager of Trinidad, who had attended King’s conference sessions. “The different things that she talked about for improvement on your own capabilities will not only help in increasing your own productivity, but your team’s productivity as well.”​

- Excerpt from NRC article by Angelica Wedell "BETTER PLANNING AND PRODUCTIVITY WITH WENDY KING"